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Who is the owner of whom: a cat to a man or a man to a cat

Who are we for cats? Have you ever asked yourself such a question? Based on many years of observations, zoopsychologists and felinologists (specialists in cats) came to the conclusion that in the perception of domestic felines, we are for them something like their parents' cats. And, of course, friends and breadwinners.

Evidence? Please. If your cat (cat) tramples on your chest or even just on your blanket, they repeat the behavior of their childhood when they pushed their mother's nipples with their paws, squeezing milk out of them. Or when the cat perceives you as a big cat or a cat (only a slightly ill or clueless one) that needs to be taken care of. This can be expressed in licking you, and in a mouse brought and laid in slippers. This is from the bottom of my heart! And from the understanding that you will not be able to get THIS. So, when you see such an attitude towards yourself, in no case push the animal away from you – it will perceive this as a fierce insult and as a betrayal.

Do you want to know if the cat respects and trusts you? At your approach, she rolls over on her back and substitutes her stomach for stroking. Substituting this most vulnerable part and endlessly, thus, trusting you.

And also if, after your long absence, she spins under your feet, holding her tail with a pipe and butting her forehead – this she gives understand that he perceives you as an integral part of his living space.

And included you in her list of vital objects. It is in this sense that one must understand the statement that a cat is attached not only to a person, but also to its place of residence. With only one clarification – you yourself are this place.

Now tell me – what other animal behaves like this?

Source: duck.show

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