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10 Men Who Were Adamantly Against Animals In The House And Now Call Them Their Children


Adults very often do not realize that they lack a faithful furry friend in their lives. And, when, after months, or even years of persuasion, they give in, they understand how wrong they were.

Grandfather was categorically against the appearance of a cat in the house, and now he likes to scratch his pet behind the ear.

Forbade the dog to sleep with him on the couch and circumvented his own rules in an unusual way.

Didn't want to have a bald cat, and now he warms her in cold winters.

The girl's father opposed the appearance of each new fluffy, but now they are his main companions when watching TV.

He asked to keep the cat away from him, and now does not like to share his attention.

My dad took the appearance of the cat negatively, but after a while Gustavo became his favorite “son” and got his place on the couch, where no one can sit.

The man did not want to take responsibility for the dog, but she won his heart.

It took a few hours for the little puppy to change his anger to mercy and affection .

It is not necessary to be born a cat person. Installation: pharaoh surrounded by cats.

A year later, he spends every free minute with his four-legged friend.

Need let something new into life, because so many miracles can lurk around the corner.

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