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Embodiments of impudence (10 photos) – no doubts, regrets or remorse

The magic of cats is to convince their owners that they are still the cutest and most good-natured creatures in the world. It doesn't matter that five minutes ago this cutie was running around the ceiling and tearing the curtains. Or hosted a disco with jogging through a sleepy family throughout the night.

Unlike dogs, cats will never admit they are wrong, not express regret or remorse. And do not even expect this from them, do not try to explain anything to them! They already have a great life!

See for yourself!

1. The store is closed.

2. Isn’t it immediately clear from a glance that sausages are non-refundable.

3. The owner finished the sandwich – claim your rights to it. That is paw!

four. Topotushki as evidence of the presence of a cat. The paws are soft, but they can do a lot of things.

5. And then – a fall, a coup, a chair and a glass on the floor … Chaos is so nice.

6. Scratch your teeth on a box? No, I'd rather take a log – I scratch my teeth like a real beaver.

7. The result of games with the remote control.

eight. Work is for people. For cats – play, jumping and fun

9. Those beautiful ruthless eyes… No respect for the plants and the person who takes care of them.

ten. The logic of the cat – since they pay maximum attention to me, it means that I am the most important!

Source: duck.show

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