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15 animals whose strength lies in their adorable stupidity


Did you pay attention to the fact that often the main audience award goes not to the one who performs better than others, but to a charming dunce and comedian who just fools around and makes everyone laugh?

Often, simply by the very fact of its existence, as if it is not trying to do anything right at all. Well, if this principle works, it will be used! And the little animals too!

Sweet pie and does not try to understand why people love him

Photography for a family album is a responsible matter!

Snatching the cracker didn't work, so you need to try another method!

Agility is my middle name!

The main thing for a dog is the sense of smell, not sight

Here you all! Be-be-be!

Look , this is a wrong turn, mistress!

The main thing is to keep the tail with a gun!

Ay em se&si and everyone knows this!

Well, morden! Kiss!

Well, not everyone differs only in intelligence?

Don't think she's very smart, although you can't see it

Either a cat, or a chicken. Fried.

The best sleeping position is unpredictable!

So! Weakly repeat that you just yapped at me?

What a delicious leg! Ay! Who is biting me?!

For this we we love them, otherwise it would be too boring!

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