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A dog abandoned by the road in the cold waited for the return of the owner


In a small village in the Vinnytsia region, they are looking for the owners of a snow-white husky, which spent a week in the cold near the forest, watching each car. Local residents believe that the animal was simply thrown away.

There are simply no other explanations why a dog faithfully sits by the road in any weather.

A resident of Maryanovka named Elena became interested in the fate of a young well-groomed husky. She adopted the unfortunate dog and began to think where she could be placed on a permanent basis.

Laika turned out to be quite contact and friendly. Elena said that for five days she did not leave her place, but fawned over those who fed her. She especially liked the man who brought her food. The woman suggests that someone outwardly similar to that benefactor could have thrown her out.

The veterinarian confirmed the volunteer's assumptions about the breed of her new ward, is it a husky or a close mestizo. The dog turned out to be quite well-mannered, but playful and loud. Like other likes, she likes to howl loudly.

The health of the animal is excellent, so Elena has no doubt that he will be able to find a new, respectable family. The dog was named Lucky, which translates from English as lucky. She was really lucky, because without Elena's intervention, Lucky's fate would hardly have been successful.

Source: lemurov.net

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