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When cats believe that they are not being looked at, their eccentricities just go through the roof

Few people can be surprised by feline quirks (many directly call them feline folly), but the arsenal of these quirks tends to expand.

Inconceivable habits and poses only provoke you to grab the camera and take more pictures!

Now we offer fresh footage from cat parties.

one. I was so tired that I forgot to take the “special cat pose”!

2. Fluffy Buddha Shakyamuni, or his incarnation in a cat

3. Never mind, she's so comfortable.

four. The owner claims that his cat lay in this position for about five minutes. Believe me?

5. Summer is coming, you need abs on your tummy!

6. Let's help the cat God!

7. Why else is this? And most importantly – what for?

eight. No, it's too complicated…

9. Hi!

ten. At first glance, Kotokot. And on the second one too.

Source: duck.show

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