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Pets and their beloved, favorite toys. 15 photos

Our four-legged friends love to play, and loving owners are ready to satisfy their need, but there is not always time.

So while you're at work, your cat or dog is playing with someone who's always at home and trouble-free .

Today's photo selection is just about that!

The dog has chosen a great friend

Toy, without which the baby will not fall asleep

Permanently in an embrace

Koby and his toy

Sailor Moon is proud of her toy

Playful pets need plush (plastic, rubber) buddies who don't go to work and are always willing to play, at any time of the day or night.

Played and fell asleep

Adorable choice

Sent a letter from Hogwarts

My darling!

No matter how many toys you give your pet, he will choose among them one of the very best, with which he will never want to part.

Miley lets the owner hold her beloved lion cub only in a special mood

Old Porter and his flamingos

Sleep toy

Only with she falls asleep so sweetly

Try to take away

Charlie chose a plushie twin

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