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A touching story of salvation: mother fox returned for her baby

April 6, in the small town of Arlington, one American family's morning began with an insistent squeak.

After the search, it turned out that the sounds were made by a fox cub, which was all alone in their area.

The family called the Arlington Animal Welfare League in Virginia as As a rule, specialists from the League are just involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals in trouble. People assumed that a healthy animal simply would not come to a person with such a plaintive squeak.

But the workers refused to take the baby, because he was full and looked quite healthy. Yes, and it was dangerous to touch him: the mother could not recognize the cub smelling like a man. It was decided to put the puppy in a basket, from which the fox mother herself could pick it up. The family, worried about the fate of the crumbs, began to wait.

And not in vain! The specialists did not fail, and the female returned at night for her baby. This adorable rescue story was shared by Animal Welfare on its many social networks.

Source: lemurov.net

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