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“We will not take anyone,” she told her daughters, entering the shelter, and saw the most unwanted cat

“And do not try to ask to change to take the animal. We already have two dogs and two cats – we no longer have a place ”

Shona Solberg uttered these words for her daughters, who persuaded her to come to the shelter and look at the animals.

“I feel very sorry for all the animals. But I thought I would be unshakable,” says Shona.

Entering the shelter, her gaze but fell on an unusual cat Oscar: his ears and half of his tail were missing.

“He sat at the very top of the cat tree and looked at us with cat haughtiness. But there was something in this look that sunk into my soul. ”, recalls Shona.

Shauna thought that Oscar lost his ears in street fights with other cats. But the volunteers told her the reason for such an unusual appearance of the cat.

Oscar came to the shelter almost two years ago. A local volunteer found him and decided to help the cat, because without the intervention of people the cat would not have survived. He had a serious infection on his back, skin cancer on his ears, and a squashed tail. The veterinarians healed the back, and the ears and tail had to be amputated.

Oscar's appearance was the reason no one wanted to take him away. People simply did not like him, especially if they came with children.

But all the volunteers of the shelter knew that an incredibly kind and gentle soul was hidden behind the unusual appearance of the cat.

“He just loves people and loves being held in arms. I have not yet met cats who would be so happy and happy to hug people, ”said a local volunteer.

“He will hug you with his paws and put his head on your neck. So he can sit on your hands for hours. ”

Shona Solberg and her daughters entered the dating room and the volunteers brought them an Oscar. Taking the cat in her arms, the woman could not resist – he stole her heart from the very first second.

“The more the volunteers told us about Oscar, the more I fell in love with him.”

“When we left the orphanage, I told my eldest daughter that I wanted to take Oscar home. She reminded me of my “no more pets” mindset, but said it was a great idea”

Shona with the children returned to the shelter to complete all the necessary documents.

“When we went back in there, we were told that Oskar had tumors in his lungs that could not be operated on. They asked us if we were still ready to accept it. I didn't want to back down from my decision. It pained me to think that such a wonderful cat would spend the last year of his life in a shelter. ”

Shauna discussed everything with her daughters. She cared about their opinion. Fortunately, they supported her.

“Volunteers went to get medicine for Oscar, and I took him in my arms. At that moment, he hugged me and snuggled up to my collection. He seemed to be thanking me for saving me. I couldn't hold back my tears. It was extremely touching,” says Shona.

Now Oscar lives in a new house, together with a new family, as well as two cats and dogs . He found a common language with everyone without any problems.

“There is no one at home during the day, but when we return, Oscar immediately jumps in to someone of us in his arms and can sit like this all evening, purring loudly ”

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