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Funny photos of pets that show with all their appearance that they do not want fun


Did you put up a Christmas tree, but the cat decided that you need to knock over all the balls from the festive tree? Or has the dog stolen gifts all over the house?

Then these photos will definitely resonate with you.

This selection proves that it is not always possible to arrange a holiday with four-legged friends …

It seems that this dog dreamed of another New Year's suit:

Now everything is correct – the main decoration of the house on the Christmas tree.

Another person wanted a cute Christmas picture, but apparently his cat couldn't stand the test.

Apparently, this bulldog did not dream of a deer costume. How unhappy he is!

I wonder who dropped this Christmas tree?

Another pet is disappointed in his suit.

This cat really wanted to understand what gift for him that opened everything.

The author of this photo did not succeed in a happy family portrait …

This is the only way a Christmas tree can look in the house where the cat lives.

This user's dog is disappointed in his Christmas present.

All these photos look comical, but it is thanks to four-legged friends that the New Year is quite joyful and unusual. For the atmosphere that they create, they are forgiven for all New Year's dirty tricks.

Source: lemurov.net

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