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The cat abandoned the kittens on the doorstep – the kids were helped just in time


The cat left her kittens on the threshold of the house of one family. The little ones received help at the right time and their lives changed forever.

A family from Canada found three kittens on their doorstep, alone, without a mother. People were waiting for the cat to return, but there was neither a rumor nor a spirit from it.

One kitten, unfortunately, did not survive on the street. People brought the remaining two into the house and tried to bottle-feed them as best they could.

Realizing that this occupation was beyond their power, the owners of the house turned to the animal rights activists Chatons Orphelins Montréal (Montreal, Canada) and asked for help.

About five weeks old kittens were skin and bones . They had difficulty eating and digesting what they ate. Having received the consent of the activists, the family brought these crumbs to Montreal (an hour on the way) and handed them over from hand to hand.

« The brother and sister who arrived under our care were in a deplorable state. We named them Maui (redhead) and Athena (gray), started dispensing medicines and feeding according to the schedule,” says Celine Krom from Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

For kittens that literally lack 50% normal height for his age, barely strong enough to hold his head up. But even being very fragile and thin, they never left each other and did not give up. .

“It's amazing that they managed to get this far. In conditions of severe malnutrition, they continued to fight to survive.”

they ate the nutrient mixture as if they were going to eat for the rest of their lives. And nothing prevented them from getting enough, even some problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

“Kittens fell asleep for a very long time, recovering and storing up energy. Brother and sister seem to be glued to each other, closely intertwined bodies during sleep,” adds Celine.

“The foster mother fed them tirelessly every 2-3 hours, and after a week and a half they began to gain weight.”

, Maui, had more problems, he needed more care and recovery time. Athena was there, as the main cheerleader and support.

Two weeks of intensive therapy brought long-awaited results. Kittens have become bigger, stronger, more active!

“The kittens have become attached to their foster mother. Every time she comes in with a bottle, they climb on her arm and cry as the food cooks.”

Maui with Athena have completely changed since they fell into the hands of rescuers. “They wouldn't have made it if their foster mom hadn't put in so much effort,” Celine says.

Brother and sister overcame all obstacles with the help of a caring family of guardians and are on the threshold of a bright future.

They turned into the cutest sissies and began to reveal their individual characters.

“Maui, which was underdeveloped, finally -something catches up with the rate of growth. He is still small, but he is always full and energetic, ”says Selin.

Red-haired boy loves to be held like a baby and is always looking for more and more hugs.

“Athena, the larger one two, also more daring. Nothing frightens her, she is friendly and very adventurous. ”

At the overexposure, the kids are fine and do not have to worry about anything.

Best friends learn to eat solid food, become more playful and restless every day.

Maui and Athena enjoy all the pleasures of home life. In a few weeks, they will be ready to find a family that will love and cherish them forever.

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