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The third tenderness of the Internet: funny rabbits

Have you heard about the “holy trinity” of the Internet? The first two components are known to all, kittens and puppies. But the third one was in question.

And the answer was found – cute rabbits!

My great-grandmother's rabbit

No photoshop, real animal

My mimemeter is broken!

Sleeping cutie

Can I stay with you?

Fuzzies are best friends

How can you not be touched?

I bet you are now jealous that these are not your hands?

Rabbit Gradient

Charming Intruder

Now I have a bundle of happiness too!


I boldly go into the world


Here it is, happiness is in the hands!

Confess that you are jealous now!

Take everyone and squeeze! Whoa! How cute!

Source: lemurov.net

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