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A dozen “stooge dogs” with their unpredictable behavior. Why they love

A well-trained dog can lie raw fresh meat in its mouth for an hour – and it will not bite off a single piece. But this is with a trained one …

And what if the dog did not learn anything, but all his whims and wishes were indulged? Has anyone conducted at least one such experiment?

We think that a natural woolen dunce will grow out of it, from which you should stay away. And looking at what these paws sometimes do, it is not clear: do they belong to the first category of dogs or to the second?

– Your dogs will not bite?

– Worse. They will judge you

•He's sleeping. And don't wake him up.

•Grandfather looks so disapprovingly that even the dog is clear: for spoiling a family photo, she should be without dinner!

• Gee… that is Woof! Or is it Gee … why am I confused …

•A stick in the mouth blocks the view in front of the nose? Oh, okay!

•My nose is already here, so, Charlot, stay out!

•From the expression on his face you can't tell that he adores his mistress. Although it is written on the tag.

•He will sit there as a result of that. that I made a mistake and got stuck there. But does not recognize it.

•“I’m a fool with my dad, I’m a fool with my mother …”

•She is stuck and needs help, but she pretends to just rest.

•The matter is not limited to the presence of cat ladies with their 30 cats. There are also the same dog ladies.

Source: duck.show

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