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15 Cases When Cats Have Been Insolent And Lost The Last Remnants Of Shame And Conscience


Everyone knows that cats are distinguished by their wayward behavior, and that they are not pets, but the kings of the apartment, to whom little people should serve.

But sometimes their arrogance goes beyond all conceivable and inconceivable boundaries!

We have collected for you photos of mustachioed hooligans who have lost the last remnants of shame and completely forgot what conscience is.

one. “Johnny proudly looks at the work done”

2. Insolent muzzle!

According to the author, the moment when this impudent animal ran away with a single chitosink in its mouth and growled.

3. When you take a cat by surprise and realize that he is preparing an assassination attempt

four. “How to Kill Your Plants, Step 1: Get a Cat”

5. “Left him unattended for 10 seconds and…”

And this look… Innocence itself! Yes, pets know how to look so that the heart melts. We even have a selection that is dedicated to the loving looks of cats and dogs, and it's just concentrated cuteness.

6. “This creature destroyed a roll of paper towels while I was standing with my back, and now has the audacity to laugh in my face!”

7. “Caught red-handed: she made herself a hammock for a cat, gnawing through the upholstery of furniture”

eight. “There is madness in her eyes”

9. “Just trying to get to the new books I ordered!”

ten. Do you want a cute Christmas photo? No matter how!

Awkward holiday photos can not only be taken by animals, but and in people. We have a selection on this topic.

11. “Mack decided to take my wife’s basket of threads. In the photo, he yawns with complete indifference “

12. “Good morning, kitty!”

13. So-so idea

fourteen. “And here is the freshly baked bread”

fifteen. With coming!

And here you can find a selection of pets that love their toys so much that they don't want to share them with anyone. It’s not all the same for them to be hooligans, sometimes you can be cuties.

Source: twizz. en

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