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“Very Important” Pet Pictures

No self-irony in our world anywhere. Social media users are so accustomed to contemplating pictures of various cute little animals, without meaning or purpose, that a group of “Important Animal Images” (Very important animal images) has appeared.

Here they don’t even ask the question “why”, but just post cool photos because it’s very important!

A mixed family deigns to rest with the whole composition

He was born quite recently, so in a quilted jacket

Do not be sad, dog, and I will pay attention to you

See the heart on the forehead?

I'm better than this straw scarecrows!

Top of the day picture

How can I get past?

Kitt takes part in the videoconference

You have boredom here. I should take a nap.

Let's watch a cartoon together

My master is … too creative!

How to put the baby to sleep. Master class from the cat.

We are of the same tribe

Where did you take me, master!!!

Dominate. Rule. Humiliate!

What a yummy!

We hope you liked it and you did not waste a few minutes. And soon there will be more!

Source: lemurov.net

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