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The owner made his own room for his cat

A couple of months ago, the family of Brian Davis took in Wyatt, an affectionate cat. Having quickly settled into his current dwelling, the inquisitive cat-fey discovered an interesting hobby for himself: watching squirrels and birds, sitting by the window.

For himself, Brian noted this passion for their new family member.

Time passed, frosty winter days came. Most of the birds flew away to regions with more pleasant weather, and the tailed one began to feel sad. The resourceful owner came up with an alternative to the visual hunting of his pet: since the birds do not fly outside the window, then let them flutter … in the tablet!

Wyatt really liked this idea, he watched his newly made TV with curiosity. But Brian didn't stop there. He had a goal – to create his own bedroom for the cat.

There were no problems with the place for the cat's house due to the recent renovation of the owners. After a little conjuration over the wall, Brian began to build. Long or short, but the result was achieved. In a small cat room, the guy carefully installed a small bed, skillfully decorated the walls and did not forget to put his mini-TV, which the fluffy one had already fallen in love with, to watch “feathered” videos. Fuzzy was just delighted with his own corner in the Davis house.

According to Brian himself, Wyatt is content with his bedroom for a lot of time, watching his favorite videos before going to bed, in his own little room.

As a result, a simple story turned into a fairy tale for a homeless cat with a happy ending, where everyone was satisfied. Wyatt – his personal room in the master's house, and Brian Davis – time well spent creating comfort for the pet.

Source: lemurov.net

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