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15 shameless cats who despise the personal space of the owners and brazenly invade it

Cats may be selfish, but be sure: they will not leave their owners alone. Yes, yes, if you get a cat, be prepared for the fact that you no longer have personal space. Even in the toilet and in the bathroom.

Do you want to sit at the computer? Drive the cat off the keyboard first! And food will also have to be shared, otherwise nothing!

1. Great place to sit

2. “It's good that one of us is comfortable and sleeps well”

3. “Play with me man”

four. “My wife has come to terms with her role as a pillow”

5. Now there is no your water, there is only ours

6. Small Owner

7. “My fool is very worried about me in the bath”

eight. “Share!”

9 . “Only 5 hours since they took him into the house, and he has already sat on my keyboard”

Everything has its pluses : but this cat feels at home! And here is another selection of photos of how cats change when they find loving owners.

10. “My Husband's Toilet Friend”

eleven. “Make yourself comfortable, Dweezil”

12. The owner is in the bathroom, the cat is in shock

13. “You seem to be going to work here?”

fourteen. “And this is a piece for me”

Yeah, these cats have no shame or conscience. We have a whole collection of evidence.

15. “She decided that sitting at the laptop was enough for today, and stepped on the power off button”

Do your cats respect your personal space?

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