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Unusual dog “2 in 1” discovered in Thailand


Lucky is one of the most unique pets. The unusual features of the dog's appearance made him an Internet star.

Lucky has heterochromia. There is also a noticeable spot above the right eyes of the animal. lives in Thailand. Once she posted pictures of her snow-white pet on the Internet.

The unique baby immediately attracted the attention of users.

Nature generously rewarded the dog with rare features.

Some people, when they saw the pictures of Lucky, they thought that the owner of the animal was experimenting with Photoshop. However, all photos of the dog are genuine. One eye of the animal is brown, the other is pale blue. Yes, and a pronounced eyebrow causes surprise on the faces of users.

But just take a closer look, because Lucky is a true natural masterpiece. The animal is now 2 years old, but he recently got into the house of Charis. You will definitely not find a second such dog anywhere.

Source: duck.show

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