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15 photos of capybaras whose calmness is transmitted even through the screen

Capybaras are the largest of today's rodents and look like very well eaten guinea pigs. Despite the fact that these are wild animals, they treat people and other animals calmly.

Surely you have seen the photos capybaras that hug people and let kittens jump on themselves.

Such pictures describe the nature of these animals as clearly as possible – unflappable and even a little phlegmatic. If you just needed a little calmness in a furry guise, then you definitely came to the right place.


Shaggy bread

Graceful Dive

Capybaras compared to guinea pigs

It seems that capybaras are able to make friends with everyone

Two comrades

How can you resist a cat?

Perfect place to land

Friendship of various animals with each other is not an exception, but quite a common thing. Although what is it usual if photos of animal buddies look like one hundred percent cute!

No, it's not a giraffe!

Family on the run

Girl and her strange dog

Sometimes animals are also allowed to walk around the zoo. This happened at the San Antonio Zoo, where shelter kittens and dogs watched animals instead of guests.

Capybara Spa

The guy has been adoring capybaras for 15 years, but only now he was able to stroke her

Small capybaric. Capybaron? Kapibarchik?

Well, how can you not stroke such a charm?

And in Tokyo there is even a cat cafe in which a capybara lives along with purrs. And you can cuddle her too!

Source: twizz.ru

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