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Unrealistically beautiful birds that seem to have arrived from another world

Modern ornithology has 10,000 main species and twice as many subspecies of birds, among which there are none!

But even in such a variety, some stand out more than others, primarily with their unusual appearance. It seems that they were drawn by a science fiction artist, or they were brought straight from another planet!

What gorgeous eyelashes !

This is his natural color

And who is this hiding on the side of us?

All shades of colors on the face

Yes, she is real!

Proof that nature is the best artist!

He seems to be in a uniform

Is it white or blue?

Handsome fashionista!

And this is also with our planets

Sometimes nature jokes very subtly

An example of how to combine shades

Noble and beautiful

Looks like an ordinary parrot, but if you look closely…

He looks like a bird from a children's coloring book

And all this is not fiction, but photographs of real birds! The mind is incomprehensible!

Source: lemurov.net

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