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The puppy flew thousands of kilometers to the girl who saved him

This baby was found by a sergeant named Webb while serving overseas. He was very thin, small, of the whole pack looked the most defenseless. The girl could not calmly look at the puppy and decided to take it for herself.

Webb gave him a funny name – Puppup, which means Puppy. The girl did everything so that the baby returned to a normal healthy state. She fed him, devoted all her free time to taking care of her new friend. The puppy is already used to and attached to his mistress, as she is to him.

But suddenly the girl was told unpleasant news – she had to urgently return to America. Webb realized that she would have to say goodbye to Puppy, who had just begun to live a normal life, felt loved and protected. The sergeant really wanted to take the baby with her on the plane, but the rules did not allow this.

The organization “Paws of War” became the salvation for the girl. She is involved in helping just in such situations, when the military, far from home, find the same lonely animals and become attached to them.

In a limited time frame, in a week and a half, the organization took up the Webb case. The workers carried out all the necessary veterinary procedures with the puppy, prepared him for the flight to the United States in accordance with all the rules. The employees of Lap Voyna even found a place where Puppy will wait until the flight. And the organization produced all this completely free of charge.

So, having flown to the USA, Webb only thought about her Puppy. The fear that Lap Voyna would not be able to organize the dog's flight without problems did not leave her. Experiences intensified when the puppy could not be put on the first flight, the second flight attempt was also unsuccessful. But, fortunately, the organization succeeded for the third time.

Finally, the mistress and the pet were reunited. By the time of the long-awaited meeting, Puppy was already noticeably larger and more mature. However, in his eyes was still the same touching baby, in need of his caring mistress.

These incredible emotions touch to the core!

Source: lemurov.net

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