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15 adorable photos of animal friendship that will infect everyone around with their tenderness

The fact that animals have paws does not in the least negate their ability to truly be friends, and it turns out that four-legged animals are no worse than their owners.

Moreover, it is not even necessary that the comrades be of the same species, because animal friendship has no boundaries and prejudices that could stop them.

Well, the people around can only admire such a connection between friends and make their joint portraits so that everyone who sees them becomes infected with the virus of uncontrollable tenderness!

one. “My dog got a new buddy today!”

2. The growth of friendship is not a hindrance

3. “How is the cat with the dog? No, we have not heard of such a thing ”

four. They obviously haven't seen Tom and Jerry

5. “Today our boxer made a new friend”

6. When friendship helped find a new home

I went to the shelter to adopt a dog. There I saw the two in this position and I couldn't separate them, so I ended up taking them both myself.

7. It is immediately clear who suffers whom

eight. “Return our comrade to the place”

9. “Meet Mickey and John – they are best friends”

It seems that dogs can be friends with anyone at all – on Baikal, for example, a husky named Nika helped save a baby seal, with whom they later became inseparable.

ten. The ideal ending of the cartoon “The Fox and the Dog”

eleven. Giant and Babies

12. “These horses always come up to kiss my dog when we pass them”

13. “My aunt's kid thinks he's a dog. He goes everywhere only with them “

fourteen. “Buddies”

fifteen. The beginning of a long friendship

If your pets also have friends, then throw their photos in the comments – let's be touched together!

Source: twizz.ru

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