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The pit bull surprised the owner by giving up the kennel to a stray cat. She trusted the dog so much that she gave birth to kittens there.


It so happened that many perceive pit bulls as dogs that just let them fight!

However, the pit bulls themselves, apparently, are not aware that they are a bloodthirsty breed, because in their souls they are the same kind people as other pets.

The fact that representatives of this breed are real cuties was also told by the Mexican Juan Flores.

The man's dog turned out to be a real gentleman and gave up his kennel to the future cat mother.

The owner told , how his dog proved that not all pit bulls are vicious and aggressive dogs

First, the man helped the stray cat, and then his dog followed suit

According to Juan Flores, near his house in Tijuana, Mexico, often appeared stray cat, but was not given in the hands. The man left food for her so that she would definitely not starve.

The dog Juana with the formidable name Hades (Hades – Hades in English) also decided to take care of the stray cat. One day, the man was attracted by a noise at the back door, through which Hades was scratching. The dog was obviously excited about something and wanted to show something to Juan.

The man went after the dog and discovered that he had vacated his home for a new mistress

In the house sat the same stray cat that Juan fed.

It turned out that she was going to give birth and chose a very convenient place for this

The dog was clearly not against the opening of a cat maternity hospital in his kennel. He brought his blanket to him and lay down next to him, not trying to drive the expectant mother out of a safe place.

The cat, which was named Nicole, and her two kittens were not left to live in a kennel, but were transferred to the house

Nicole and Hades became friends, and when she does not take care of her kittens, she spends time with her new mate. The separation of these two does not threaten – Juan will find a new home for the kittens as soon as they grow up, but Nicole and Hades will live with him. It would be sacrilege to separate them, especially after what the dog did to the cat.

According to Juan , Hades' story should make people think

Juan told The Dodo that Hades' story shows that not all pit bulls are as bad as many they are represented.

We hope that the act of the dog will really change people's opinion about representatives of this cute breed.

Source: twizz.ru

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