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The dog helped the seal cub out, thinking it was a puppy

Sometimes an animal of one species begins to care for the cubs of an animal of another species. So the dog accepted the seal cub as its own.

A group of people working as meteorologists found a seal on Lake Baikal, who was already dying. They took him with them to the station and named him Umka. A dog named Nika began to take care of him. She licked and constantly watched the cub.

fish. Since the seals are accustomed to absorb food in the water, they started a bath. The dog did not leave him. During the day, Umka basked on the stones, and at the time of eating he was put back in the bath. Sometimes he got out of it and sat with the dog.

Soon love and care did their job. The seal recovered, and it was decided to release him back to Baikal. He sailed away only on the third day, because he did not want to leave those he was already used to.

The dog was sad for him, but soon began to look after the household goats.

Source: lemurov.net

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