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15 ways to use cats in the household

Suppose you don't have a cat (well, anything can happen) and you are thinking about getting one? Our answer is definitely yes.

Besides the fact that the cat is beautiful, funny, cute and fluffy, it is also indispensable in the household.

For your cat can easily do the following…

1. Will iron your jeans.

2. Will play volleyball with you.

3. Follow the baby in the yard.

four. Repairs the current faucet.

5. Checks the tire pressure on your bike.

6. Will sing with you when you feel good.

7. Make sure that the milk does not run away.

eight. Take the best seat by the pool.

9. Will save you from the babaika.

ten. Gather firewood for the picnic.

eleven. Teach your dog to behave at the table.

12. Explain that the beard is prickly.

13. Tames a robotic vacuum cleaner by dressing up as a shark (all cats do it!).

fourteen. Will switch to the right side of the force.

fifteen. And he will always shake your hand.

Source: popularnoe.net

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