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The guy sold all the property and travels with only one cat for three years

A guy named Rich has been running his blog for several years, in which he talks about his adventures with his four-legged girlfriend, Willow the cat.

This Tasmanian sold all his valuable possessions in 2015 and invested in a van. It is in it that Rich and Willow travel.

Now the couple lives in six different states of Australia.

Rich says: I travel with a cat, but Willow is so laid back and loves our way of life.”

So that the kitty does not get lost, she is always wearing an electronic collar. During stops, she calmly walks without a leash, a quick-witted cat understands that it is dangerous to run far from the van.

Rich has no idea how long their journey will take: “We have a great time and are used to life on wheels. We spend the whole day either walking in the forest or relaxing on the beach.

I think I will stay there for a long time.”

You can find out what Willow and Rich have decided to do and where they are headed now with the help of the guy's social networks.

About all my plans he writes on his personal website and on Instagram. Now 103,000 people have subscribed to the account.

Source: lemurov.net

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