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Ten little tailed bastards really “love” their people

No, well, not cattle? These are our cute, soft and fluffy household members? You warm them, feed them, pamper them, protect them from adversity and treat them, and they … and what are they?

They always act quite consciously, arranging their petty dirty tricks for their own joy and a headache for their owners. Probably having fun from the heart at the same time.

1. Well, who is to blame? Is the sandwich gone? And there was nothing to tempt me!

2. Ahh! Mummy!

3. Where?! Did I let you go?

four. The best way to dine without slamming anything off your plate.

5. This muzzle was closed in the car from the inside! She pressed the button there …

6. Such helpers…

7. Profession – destroyer of flowers

eight. Who gave you permission to eat my sausage?

9. And how to call it?

ten. MM – master of disguise

Source: duck. show

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