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The veterinarian offered to euthanize the kitten with the face of an old man, but the owners did not dare

The owners had no choice but to rely on Stephanie and entrust the kitten to her. Not only did the volunteer treat the baby with great care and tenderness, she also managed to adapt to feeding the kitten.

She feeds the baby through a tube – the only way he manages to swallow milk.

regularly massirWhen this baby was born, the owners immediately realized that something was wrong with him. The muzzle of the kitten resembled the face of a mustachioed old man, and the hind legs were unnaturally crossed. It turned out that the baby had a forked palate. A kitten with such an unusual muzzle was called Grandpa. like his siblings, the kitten couldn't. He could not crawl normally, and the forked palate did not allow him to drink milk. Discouraged, the owners took the kitten and rushed to the vet for help or advice. But he, having learned about such a difficult situation, advised the owners of the only way out – putting the pet to sleep.

The owners of the kitten could not take such a step. In addition, looking into these living eyes, the heart was torn to pieces at the thought of being put to sleep. And then the owners learn about a volunteer named Stefania, who will be the salvation for the baby. The girl knew how to deal with a sick kitten and how to help him.

As she suggests, the whole problem lies in the short length of the tendons. Massage will help develop the skeleton.

much better and more cheerful than he was then, during a visit to the veterinarian. But, I must say, this is not only the merit of Stephanie, but also the kitten itself, which really clings to life as much as it can.

From the latest news Grandpa opened his eyes. This picture amused the volunteer a lot. Now, says Stefania, he really looks like a grandfather. This gloomy and detached look, while deep and as if storing a lot of experience and emotions, turns the baby into some kind of wise old man.

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