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The cat made friends with the cat-neighbor and goes to her every day


Every day, this cute tabby cat patiently sits in the area under the windows of the neighbor's house to wait for a meeting with his girlfriend – spotted cat. A user posted these photos recently, accompanied by a touching story, and his post became very popular.

Meet – Ralph!

He lives in a British town and for many days now he has been spending all his free time with his faithful friend, the neighbor's cat Nala.

β€” Every day he comes to our house to play with our cat Nala and waits outside to be let inβ€” writes the author of the photo, β€” They are very friendly and Ralph is always very patient.

When the door is finally opened, Ralph goes inside and begins to walk around Nala's owners and caress them, substituting his head and nose, greeting them like this way.

Then both cats spend time together and treat each other like true friends.

If Ralph is ever late, Nala the cat starts to show yat strong anxiety, she goes outside and looks out for him, standing on her hind legs.

Nala's owners adore Ralph as if it were their cat. They look forward to his visit every day and are touched by the sight of two loving cats. alas, it has owners.

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