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For the third year, Little Paw the raccoon returns to cuddle with his rescuer.

If you call the US Animal Rescue Service in early June with a message about a found orphan animal, a tired voice will say “leave where found.” There are so many lost babies at this time that there are not enough hands to save, and predators need to eat something. But in the story with Little Paw, everything turned out differently.

A girl named Nikki Robinson found a baby raccoon on the side of the road. And no, I didn’t fall in love at all.

Nikki was struck by the indifference she encountered in the rescue service. Even idealists get callous, especially when dealing with wildlife. But Nikki was still too vulnerable and it seemed wrong to her to leave the baby to certain death. And then she took him to his mother – an elderly woman has long bothered her with requests for grandchildren, so here's a replacement for you.

They named him Little Paw

And now Linda, Nikki's mom, really fell in love with a raccoon. She is retired, has a lot of free time, can be allowed to bottle feed five times a day. Little Paw grew up and saw her as his new mother, although he was not initially spoiled, because they understood that they would have to be released into the wild. So it all came down to cuddling – that Little Paw loves the most.

Three years have passed since then, Little Paw has long grown up and lives in the forest, but often comes to see Linda, to hug his foster mother. And she had a new meaning in life – since there was no one to do this, Linda began to take care of the orphaned animals herself. She does not become attached to them, does not try to make friends, and Little Paw is enough for her. But the very care of someone fills life with meaning.

Little Paw changed everything in Linda's life.

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