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A woman took three underdeveloped puppies, and they grew up as wolves: a fairy tale about the ugly duckling New Edition.

Tonya Littwolf adopted not a single stray dog, saving many of them from death. A woman has a good heart, but such a story happens once in a lifetime.

One day, right in the middle of the night, Tonya received a call from an unfamiliar man who begged to take three puppies who needed saving and wanted to live.

During a short conversation, it turned out that an unfamiliar man is a gardener for a dog breeder.

She perceived three puppies as underdeveloped and simply threw them out into the cold. The children were only 13 days old, and at that age to remain in hunger and cold is tantamount to a quick death.

Tonya was familiar with the breeder and contacted her immediately. So the puppies ended up with a loving hostess. The cubs needed care and treatment, so Tonya simply did not leave them, fed every couple of hours, slept with them …

But the most amazing thing is that when the children grew up, Tonya realized that they were … wolves. She gave them Indian names. When the cubs grew up, Tonya gave them to the reserve. 12 years have passed since then, but beautiful wolves sometimes visit their savior.

Source: duck.show

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