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Nature with a sense of humor – see how she played a joke on animals

Mother Nature sometimes shows not only a sense of humor, but also ingenuity.

Some animals are born with a very unusual color, while they themselves do not even suspect how charming they look.

1. Press the button and I will purr.

2. He never parted with a portrait of his beloved.

3. The curiosity of this cow literally froze on her muzzle.

four. And this is to never forget who you are.

5. The plans were to be born a leopard, but it turned out to be a dog.

6. You don’t see triples in your eyes, there is only one cow, but she has three muzzles.

7. It's cold here, of course, my heart is hot.

eight. Well, the dog has very expressive eyebrows..

9. An excellent idea of nature – a cat on a cat.

ten. Do you like my luxurious mustache?

eleven. This cat shows that she loves you.

12. The main thing in life is love.

Source: duck.show

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