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She found a kitten with the original color

Melissa was just walking around her hometown and suddenly saw a small lump of gray right on the sidewalk.

The kitten had a very original color, so Melissa did not immediately realize what kind of animal it was. She carefully took the baby in her arms and took it home with her.

The kitten was still helpless and blind, so he would probably just die on the street. Melissa first took the kitten to the vet. feed the animal with a syringe. The cat happily ate and began to recover in a couple of days. The girl named her new friend Janie.

Melissa's house the cat already lived. She had kittens and the girl was going to put Janie to her, but she was a little afraid of the reaction of the mustachioed mommy.

In this regard, she simply put her new friend next to the cat bed. She took care of him there. At first, the cat simply watched, but then nevertheless dragged Janie to her.

The baby, unfortunately, got used to eating exclusively from a syringe, but she always fought for a place at her mother's belly. Other little kittens accepted the new sister well and even began to lick her.

Of all these kittens, it was Janie who first mastered the tray, and then began to demand meat food, looking at how the mother cat eats. Janie has now gained normal weight and looks great.

Source: duck.show

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