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7 photos showing the return of missing animals home

Unfortunately, missing animals are very rare. A happy reunion happens by chance. However, as practice shows, cases when animals return home are still not so rare.

1. The Stone family hadn't heard from their beloved dog Alex for 7 years. They lost all hope of finding him. He ran away after the other dog was taken to his grandmother. After so many years, the baby has not forgotten the former owners and now he has finally returned to them.

2. For more than half a year they searched for this dog and could not find it. Thanks to caring people, this story got a happy ending and became instructive for many.

3. For 4 whole years Mike Ples was looking for his friend Jack. As soon as Jack got home, Mike breathed a sigh of relief.

four. Unscrupulous people stole Zeus and took him away from home. However, the kid turned out to be extremely smart and managed to escape from the kidnappers. This story received wide publicity. More than 30 people participated in the operation to return Zeus home. At Christmas he returned to the owners. Isn't this a miracle?

5. This man did not even hope to find his missing dog, because he was forced to move to another place. Six months later, he received a video from the shelter, where his four-legged friend was captured. The man immediately went there and took the dog.

6. This story clearly shows why animals should be microchipped. 7 years after the loss of the dog, the veterinarian called Manuel and said that Champ was found.

7. An ordinary trip out of town turned into the loss of two dogs. However, after a couple of hours, the pets returned home on their own, after walking more than 20 km.

Source: duck.show

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