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10 funniest photos of March cats

Cats in love look especially cute in spring. In combination with the coming warmth, the chirping of birds and the general atmosphere of happiness, they finally create the feeling of the “rebirth” of nature.

But sometimes March cats … To put it mildly, they behave funny.

Photo 1. It seems that these cats flew on wings love. Otherwise, how did they climb so high?

Photo 2. About how this cat is in love, apparently, the whole world should know.

Photo 3. This pair resembles the main characters of Titanic!

Photo 4. This cat was not ready for such a sight…

Photo 5. This cat is probably very popular among its kind.

Photo 6. This is what true love looks like.

Photo 7. They say that lovers look alike. This couple is proof of that.

Photo 8. This fluffy white cat is apparently not happy with the attention.

Photo 9. Someone needs to learn how to knock on doors. And this is probably the owner of these cats.

Photo 10. How little you need for happiness: the sun and a kiss from your beloved.

Cats are incredible. They are fun to watch, and they are also great stress relievers.

Doubt it? Then you should review this selection of photos.

Source: lemurov.net

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