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Roadside kitten grew into a cute cat and was able to fulfill his dream

A kitten named Stanley was found on the side of the road. The poor baby was still trying to drink the milk of his mother, who died under the wheels of a car.

The kitten was very small and thin for his age, but with all his might he strove for life.

The person who noticed the animal picked it up and brought it to the animal protection organization Perth Rescue Angels, which is located in the Australian town of Perth. Stanley looked about 6 weeks old, but he weighed only 180 g. Everything was against him, but the baby did not think to give up.

Due to the physical developmental delay, the kitten's head seemed huge against the background of a tiny body. He was so weak that he could hardly eat on his own. The rescuers fed him small portions.

Volunteer Amber decided to take Stanley was under her control and fed him every hour with a syringe. Soon the baby gained a little weight and even got to his feet. A week later, he began to independently lap milk from a plate.

Gradually, the kitten began to recover and show his playful character. It became clear that everything would be fine with him.

In just 3 weeks, Stanley has grown to his ears, gained normal weight and was even able to acquire a small tummy. He became the favorite of all animal rights activists.

When it was time to socialize, it was decided to introduce Stanley to other kittens. He was set up with a couple of fluffy girls who were also picked up on the street.

Stanley quickly hit it off with black and white Cleo and they became best friends. Their dynamic duet with playful fights and rapid running around the room can touch anyone.

Stanley took some time to make up for a lost childhood. He blossomed rather late, but with the help of Cleo, he was able to achieve impressive success and reveal all his feline playful essence.

Lovely woman Nikki met this charming couple by accident. At first sight she fell in love with them. At the end of the detention, Nikki took Stanley and Cleo to her place.

So the kittens fulfilled their dream and found a home with a loving owner.

Source: duck.show

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