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12 heartwarming photos of animals that now have a home

Does a cat or dog need much to be happy? A hearty dinner after a day of troubles that the life of a pet is so full of, a fleeting caress from the owner and a place for a comfortable sleep … but how many people have it?

It is all the more touching to look at the reaction to all this of the former street and shelter, now become home.

Believe me: there are no animals more grateful and grateful to their new owners!

one. This is Amy. She is 20 years old, and she was taken from a shelter at one time.

2. Comedian Bill Bailey with his “adopted” pets.

3. 10 years ago, he, still very tiny, squeaked loudly at the entrance to the store, and thus stopped the guy who wanted to rob this store. Now they are together – a cat and a failed robber. And both are free.

4 . The new owner of Nikko has been keeping alcohol away for three months thanks to his pet.

5. Sometimes, to become firmly attached to the hostess, a week is enough …

6. Love can look like this…

eight. He changed more than one shelter until he found the mistress of his dreams

7. Yes, the sight of a greyhound on the couch, although unusual, is quite harmonious

9. Well, is it possible to have fun like this without a person?

ten. When I realized that they would not be returned to the shelter and this happiness would never end …

eleven. Not even a day has passed since the “adoption”

12. “Take me to your place? I will always love you…”

Source: duck.show

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