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10 Photos of Huge Domestic Cats That Make You Feel Uncomfortable

The size of some members of the cat family is so impressive that their greatness is immediately visible, because it is impossible not to notice.

Take a look at 10 domestic cats that seem just huge.

This fluffy Maine Coon can be safely included in the list of the most large members of the cat family. It can compete with lions, cheetahs and tigers.

It's about the winter coat, which obviously makes this cute cat look fat.

The cat is the size of a real lion. And let the color be completely different.

Simply gorgeous handsome!

This big guy's name is Aragon. The majestic name suits the cat very well.

The cat is obviously growing very fast. Soon he simply won't fit on his master's stomach.

Marty and Zach. The height of these two differs quite a bit.

The cat does not fit on the owner's legs, which clearly indicates its impressive size.

The girl must be having a hard time holding this big guy.

Fluffy, gorgeous and very big.

Have you ever seen such big cats live?

Source: lemurov.net

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