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Photos of comical and magnificent animals that you can't miss

There is a Facebook page called “Important Animal Pictures”. Important for those who like to watch our little brothers and their antics.

We love it, and therefore we climbed the page with pleasure and dragged the coolest photos from there.

Crowds of cats are watching the adventures of Tom and Jerry

What is this little irregular cow?

Epic Cloud Cat

Happy birthday Fluffy!

And I came to visit you!

A Brave Kid Wants to Explore the World

The dark abyss opened its eyes

Gorgeous hairstyle, comrade duck!

Everyone needs masks!

So, what are you complaining about?

You see, I am not native to them either. The shelter adopted.

Hey photographer! Couldn't make a normal frame?

Does not fit, climbs out

Meeting the banana turned out to be a failure

Real frog

I decided to play Hippo. Lost.

Great selection! Perfectly improves mood and forms a smile on the face!

Source: lemurov.net

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