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15 Photo Proof Cats Can Sleep Anywhere, Anywhere

Everyone knows that cats sleep most of the day. Neither emergencies, nor natural disasters, nor even the invasion of aliens will force them to give up their sweet sleep.

that can fall asleep under any circumstances.

Let's see!

1. That's what bowls are for!

2. Fell asleep halfway

3. Relax on Saturday

four. Decided to hide in the shadows

5. I can’t even imagine why the cat decided to choose this particular place

6. Friends forever

7. There is nothing better in the world than sleeping

eight. Settled comfortably

9. In a box of tissues, the most comfortable

ten. Zipped in a box

eleven. The main thing is to lie down comfortably

12. It's time to sleep

13. What could be better than sleeping outdoors?

fourteen. Surprisingly convenient to lie on the disks!

fifteen. Cat? Which cat?

Source: duck.show

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