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Funny Animal Deeds That Made Their Owners Worry

Sometimes pets can take their owners by surprise. Therefore, many animal lovers note that they are in some kind of tension.

Pets can find themselves in a funny situation at any moment . But it is moments like these that give vivid emotions and unforgettable photos and videos.

The cat introduced himself to Pavarotti. Now it cannot be stopped

be quiet and eat in peace. At night. But my dog decided to keep me company. However, he didn't even wake up. So he begged for food, standing with his eyes closed

I decided to download new game. But I left out one small detail. This is a game about birds. Lots of birds. Now I don't play this game, but my cats

Late home for 20 minutes. It seems that now someone is not happy with me

My pet is terrible in anger. A ping-pong ball was taken from him, and he decided to take revenge

Took a pet. He is so grateful to me that he accompanies me everywhere. Even in the toilet

Before going to bed, I went out for a while to the toilet. When he returned, he noticed strange footprints. I will look for another place to sleep. Or even a house

Happy eyes. Well, how to scold them?

Evening classes have not been canceled

I searched everything I could

I was planning to drink some tea, but how can I disturb the parrot

What are they looking at so intently. Why don't I keep them company?

Source : duck.show

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