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People suddenly realized that toucans are the strangest animals

Colorful toucans with large beaks are the real kings of birds.

They have a strange skeleton, a funny sleeping position and they are even the national symbol of some countries.

Toucans most often live in the tropical forests of Central and South America.

Here are the most amazing facts about toucans, after which you will look at these birds in a different way.

Firstly, toucans – very strange, they have a big beak. But have you ever thought about what their skull looks like?

And this is how their whole skeleton looks like .

Their tail can rise above their head, which allows toucans to curl up into a ball during sleep. It looks pretty cute.

The toucan has blood vessels on its beak that expand when it needs to be reduced. body temperature.

This is what baby toucans look like.

There are 4 species of toucans, and their relative among birds is the woodpecker. But they are very distant relatives.

Toucan's tongue looks strange, like a feather, and can reach 15 centimeters.

There are a lot of air holes on their beak, because of this it weighs smaller than it seems.

Birds were first named toucans by Brazilian tribes and the name for everything years has not changed.

X-rayed toucan beak.

Toucans are the national bird of Belize.

Toucans mostly eat fruits. But they can also eat lizards, insects, if there are no necessary plants nearby.

Have you ever seen a live toucan?

Source: lifter.com.ua

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