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The cat sleeps on the owner: what do the different poses mean

A cat is a freedom-loving animal, and if it lies on its owner’s lap or sits next to it on the sofa, it means that it feels true love.

The owner's bed is a warm, cozy place for the cat with a familiar smell. Some experts on the habits of animals claim that cats lie next to each other to control the owner. Others are sure that by laying down on a person's knees or stomach, the cat looks for problem areas in the body and relieves pain. Fluffy purrs are able to absorb negative energy.

Pet Behavior

Even adult cats feel vulnerable during sleep. And since these animals sleep 20 hours a day, they simply need a sense of security. Such protection for them is the smell of the owner. When laying on a bed or chair of a person, the cat smells a person and can sleep peacefully.

Scientists confirm that cats can indeed identify painful places on the human body and even try to treat them. When a person has pain in some organ, inflammation begins there and the temperature rises. The owner twists his knees – the cat lies on them. If the stomach hurts, then the purr fits in there.

Some cat owners claim that after sleeping with the cat in the same bed, they feel better. The animal seems to take on weakness and illness. This placebo effect is called zootherapy.

Cat's favorite places

When cats are laid down on a person's bed, they seem to assert themselves, showing – that's how important I am. The animal marks the territory, captures it. The habit of lying down on a person can also have the same meaning. The cat seems to show that this is my man, I lead him. Favorite places of cats on the owner's body:

  • chest;
  • back;
  • belly;


    The cat is placed on the chest or stomach of the owner, curls up in a ball and, watching through narrowed eyes, as if saying: “I'm in charge here.” Climbing on a person, the animal does not worry whether the owner is sleeping or not. The cat proudly looks around, pleased that he is the head of the house and can occupy any place.

    Those cats that like to settle down owner, have a calmer and more peaceful character. They do not try to assert themselves and show themselves as the main ones. Lying down on the sick or tired legs of the owner, the pet takes away pain and weakness. At the same time, the animal warms up and feels completely safe.

    Source: duck.show

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