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Orphaned kittens cross paths at a shelter and decide to become best friends forever

Two kittens were found separately without their mothers. They crossed paths at the orphanage and became bosom friends.

A tiny gray kitten, picked up in Brooklyn, was brought to the New York shelter. A baby left without a mother needed an overexposure and preferably a friend nearby.

Around the same time, Jess Thoren, a guardian from KittenBnB (New Jersey), came to the shelter to take in a brood of orphaned kittens . Noticing a little loner, she realized that she should take him too.

“He was a couple of weeks younger than the rest of the kittens. Went to the shelter the same morning (like the others) and hadn't been settled yet, so I took him in,” says Jess.

Three older kittens – Eva Ernst, Count Dracula and Dr. Jekyll – they quickly accepted young newcomer Victor Frankenstein (or simply Frankie). Soon after they all arrived at the foster home, they were already playing together as if Frankie had always been a part of the team. The younger kitten was much smaller than the others in terms of complexion, but he tried his best to keep up.

room, shawty on his way, Frankie was just learning to use his paws. “He quite enjoyed watching his siblings run around while he was lounging in bed,” says Eric Thoren, Jess's husband.

Frankie fell in love with his new family, but he liked one of the kittens especially strong, and he was determined to win his heart. He began to cling to Dracula (a black kitten) and did it very persistently.


A week later, the younger one caught up with the rest of the kittens in development, began to run with them and participate in pranks. During the games, Franky closely followed Dracula and imitated him.

Although Franky had just mastered his paws, he was determined not to miss a single event.

“He was not content with being just a little brother and tried to be on par with his elders,” adds Eric.

Frankie became very attached to Dracula and would certainly sneak into his arms during sleep. He wrapped his paws around his beloved friend or curled up next to him in a ball, burying his face in his fur for maximum unity.

After each meal, two friends could be seen hugging purring loudly. Their connection grew stronger day by day, and it became clear that they should not be separated.

Watch the cute kittens in the video:

“Frankie has fully stepped into the role of the carefree kid. He becomes completely wild when he is found to have fits of tomfoolery, which happens often. He lets Dracula speak for him because Dracula is very vocal,” says Eric.

Baby Frankie looks at his older brother and follows suit.

While Dracula is a chatterer, relentlessly declaring all his desires, Franky is a great listener, always fascinated by what he is told.

Cute gray kitten is super relaxed, doesn't worry about anything in the world. He always smiles and seems to be very pleased when his brother is around.

And now, the time has come adoption. Jess and Eric knew that two brothers from different mothers should stay together.

They do everything together, and little Frankie is the main fan of Count Dracula.

Great people found out about this charming couple, a family who fell in love with the kittens and wanted to take them home.

The bosom buds' dream came true – they moved into their permanent home last week. Their brother Jekyll and sister Eva were also adopted together.

In the new place, Frankie and Dracula quickly felt at ease, especially when they were in a cozy bed.

As always, Frankie wrapped his arms around his brother, and for the first time they fell asleep at home …

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