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Doctor, it seems my cat is “broken”!

Cats are not simple creatures, but what's there – frankly complex, and their setup is generally a nightmare.

So it's not surprising that, like all intelligent systems, they periodically fail and fail.

How it looks from the outside, see below.

How can you curl up like that, not to mention sleep?

Here you are, cold competitor!

Scary ? And you take a closer look!

And what is the name of this pose ?

I get up high, I look far away!

Where is my life heading?

Red, shameless, infinitely impudent face!

He's a bit of a fool, it's true

Someone too much eating

This is how sunbathing should be done!

Looks like he doesn't like driving in cars

Loves to lie like this and watch the others

That's why they are cats, to be unpredictable!

Source: lemurov.net

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