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Animals taken from a shelter: 12 touching photos

If you want a pet, it's best not to buy or wait for a puppy or kitten from a breeder. In the shelter you can take no worse, and the animal will be very grateful to you all his life.

Here are some photo confirmations.

We are going to a new life

I settled at home quite recently, but I already love my owners crazy;

Charlie and her new owner. Most of all she likes to ride on his shoulder;

This is a photo for my granddaughter. We cannot but share our joy;

Her name is Sana and she trusts us. This is good news;

This is my first cat and he is from a shelter;

And this baby is not from a shelter. It was found in a Turkish market in the hollow of a tree. Now she has a mother;

Lionel is a vociferous cat. So he found himself an owner thanks to the fact that he meowed loudly;

Oliver has a few more underground nicknames. So, sometimes the owners call him the Godfather or Pied Piper. He weighs 11 kg and most of all adores his master, whom he considers his dad;

The puppy is crazy about the attention of the owners;

I live at home already three months;

Monkeys also need a home

Source: duck.show

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