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Cat dictionary: what does a cat want to say with its purr

People who study cats are called felinologists. They claim that with the help of meowing, cats can say a lot to their owners.


  • “Meow”, which sounds short and monosyllabic, means a greeting. If a cat repeats this sound many times, it means that she is very happy to see you.
  • a demand to open the door or do something else for the cat. If this sound is pronounced on a low note, the animal expresses displeasure, on a high note – fear or pain.
  • Purring is an expression of pleasure, satiety and comfort. If the cat purrs, he is happy with life. But sometimes cats purr to soothe themselves when they are sick or nervous.

Cats communicate not only with sounds, but also behavior. And these gestures should also be understandable to people:

  • A raised tail means pleasure. If the tail trembles slightly at the same time, then the cat is very happy to see you. The animal raised and fluffed up its tail, which means it expresses aggression. The tail is clamped between the hind legs – the cat is afraid.
  • The cat rubs against the owner's legs – he shows his sympathy and welcomes. The purr also marks her own in this way.
  • The cat sniffs the face – it means that it doubts whether it is you. If then the animal hides its head under your chin or under your arm, it means that it has recognized its owner.

Source: duck.show

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