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Look what they're doing. 15 Photos of Cats and Dogs That Are Really…

How much chaos our pets create in the house! And how much noise and frustrated human plans … Because animals remind us that the taste for life is in surprises.

And so cat lovers and dog lovers are always ready to laugh at their hardships, take a photo and share with us!

Now something will happen

The cat is dissatisfied – he was forbidden to stomp on the keyboard

These shreds are the owner's passport

Sleep, sleep, and suddenly…

Strong Frame

The expression of the dog's muzzle is a masterpiece

How much joy

Hi mom, did you work?

The cat stole the dog's bone, but the dog is too well-mannered, so he just looks and whines

Where's the money, Lebowski?

Open your eyes, Sharik

Steve's lower lip was swollen because the bacon in the owner's plate was very hot. Don't worry, everything is fine with Steve, he is used to

Watched a movie

This is how stress resistance looks like

So what?

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