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A young couple noticed how a man threw away a bag and they picked it up

There are a lot of cases when people abandon their pets. One such situation occurred recently in Paraguay.

One spring day, the couple decided to ride bicycles, choosing for this a road with fairly calm traffic. While walking, they noticed a car that stopped for a while at the side of the road, and a backpack flew out of its window. After that, the car immediately left.

The couple decided to check the bag to find out what's in there. They were extremely surprised by the find – inside the backpack was a white puppy wrapped in a bag. The abandoned baby, as soon as he saw people, immediately ran to them. The couple checked the puppy for damage, but the dog was active and perfectly healthy.

The young people did not know what to do and decided to keep the dog. Pablo, that's the name of the wife, said that this tiny creature did not deserve what was done to him. Now the baby is happy and lives with a married couple. They gave him the nickname Lorenzo. The couple still cannot understand how it was possible to treat a living being so cruelly.

It's good that the story ended just like that, and the puppy found a new home. Don't leave your pets! They really need our love and protection.

Source: lemurov.net

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