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Konstantin Khabensky, despite the excuses of the shelter staff, took a dog from him

The usual practice of Russian show stars is to acquire cats and dogs of elite breeds, owners of long pedigrees. But Konstantin Khabensky is not like that.

For all his stellar status, he remains a simple and kind person, alien to pathos. For the cost of the animal means nothing to him, and he took home an ordinary shelter dog named Frosya. And surrounded her with care and love.

But even the workers of the shelter dissuaded Konstantin from taking her home! They said that not only was this puppy completely outbred, but he was also sick. But the actor’s family and he himself were so fascinated by the dog that they didn’t want to listen to anyone.

Yes, Frosya really turned out to be sick. And the veterinarians could not completely cure her of neurosis: the dog was afraid to stay alone in a dark room at night, and began to whine in panic. Therefore, Konstantin did not turn off the light in her so that she would not be so scared.

Now they are real friends, and the artist is sympathetic to the “whims” black beauty. So much so that he not only took her with him to the shooting, which took place in another city, but also rented a house for the two of them to stay – while the rest of the film crew stayed at the hotel.

Source: duck.show

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